Tom Paxton Newcastle City Hall 5th November 1974

Tom Paxton Newcastle City Hall 5th November 1974
tomtixI’ve only seen Tom Paxton once, but really enjoyed it. It was at a concert at Newcastle City Hall in 1974, and (to my shame) the only song which was familiar to me was “Last Thing on my Mind”. Tom held the audience entranced for an hour or two with songs and stories which mixed politics, sadness and humour. Tom continues to perform continuously and visits the region every year or so. His next tour sees him joined by Janis Ian, which should make for a great evening. tomprogMy 1974 tour programme includes some quotes from the UK press about Tom’s visits to this country: “Tom Paxton’s business is communication and he is a master of it. There can be few folk singers or groups who haven’t used some of his songs. His writing is spontaneous but he doesn’t rush it. …I’d wait until morning and it is was still there I’d go to work on it” (New Spotlight)…”A Paxton happening cannot be called a concert. A more apt label would be “An Evening with Tom Paxton” [Note: that’s exactly what my ticket says:) ].. As he sings and strums, more beautifully as the tour rolls by, all aspects of life are reflected and expressed in his lyrics.” (Lancashire Evening Post)…..”Singer, composer, Tom Paxton, perhaps one of the most relaxed of all the Americans who come to these shores” (Evening Times, Glasgow).

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  1. Saw him in Galway in 2011 when on holiday there. He was engaging and had some fascinating tales to tell.


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