Man Leeds New Roscoe 2008

Man Leeds New Roscoe 2008
man2008Man reformed in the 1980s and continued to play with (as usual) continually changing line-ups throughout the 90s. The legendary guitarist and Man mainstay Micky Jones suffered a brain tumour in 2002, and was replaced in the band by his son George Jones.
The last time I had seen Man had been in 1976, and I figured I should make the effort to see them again. So when they announced a short tour in 2008, I decided to take the short drive to Leeds to catch their gig at the New Roscoe. The Roscoe is a pub venue on the outskirts of Leeds city centre, which features bands several nights a week. The Man band line up of 2008 featured Micky’s son George Jones on guitar; long standing member Martin Ace on bass and vocals; Martin’s son Josh Ace on guitar and vocals; 70s member Phil Ryan on keyboards; and Bob Richards on drums. I had a seat right in front of the stage, and I excited and looking forward to seeing Man again. I was quite nervous, not really knowing what to expect; I wasn’t disappointed. The set that night drew from right across the entire Man catalogue, reaching back to their first 1969 album, and the early single “Sudden Life”, which took me back. The song is very much of its time; very 60s, quite trippy/psych and yet George Jones brought a freshness to it. George’s guitar playing was simply excellent and the new line-up a credit to the Man band legacy. It was great to hear old favourites such as “Many are Called but Few Get up” and the encore “Bananas”. The set also featured quite a few tracks from the 2006 album “Diamonds and Coal” which I enjoyed, even though they were unfamiliar to me. No “Spunk Rock” which was disappointing; but hey you can’t expect to get everything you wish for. A great gig, which brought back so many fond memories and reminded me of how great the Man band were in the 70s.
Setlist: Love Your Life (1971); Something is Happening (1975); Diamonds and Coal (2006); All Alone (2006); Sudden Life (1969); Man of Misery (2006); Victim of Love (2000); Manillo (1971); Many are Called but Few Get up (1971); Freedom Fries (2006); Romain (1971); Shit on the World (AKA It Is As It Must Be; 1969). Encore: Bananas (1972)
When Micky Jones passed away in 2010 rock lost one of its greatest guitarists. Whenever I think of Man I picture Micky with his cherry red SG, playing Spunk Rock.
A split (which from reports was apparently quite bitter) occurred within the Man band camp shortly after the Leeds gig I saw in 2008. George Jones continued with his own band Son of Man, and Martin Ace has continued with the Man band name. Martin currently fronts a version of Man which features himself, Phil Ryan, his son Josh Ace; James Beck on guitar; and Rene Robrahn on drums. This line-up has just played some dates in Germany.
An annual Micky Jones memorial concert, organised by George, is held in December in Swansea. This year’s concert is the third and features the All Star Band (featuring George Jones), Deke Leonard’s Iceberg and guests.

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  1. Posted by Mitch on November 8, 2013 at 11:07 am

    Thanks for the great Man memories Pete. They were a consistently good live band.

    Their album The Welsh Connection has recently been re-released as a 2cd deluxe edition on Esoteric Records. This includes an entire live recording from California on the 1976 Welsh Connection tour. John Cipollina joins the band for the last four songs.

    On today’s blog you mention that the song Manillo is from 2002 – it appears on the 1971 album Do You Like It Here Now? Are You Settling In ?


    • Posted by vintagerock on November 8, 2013 at 12:00 pm

      Thanks for your support Mitch. Pleased that you enjoyed reliving the Man band with me! I’ll correct the date for Manillo. Its a song I am not familiar with. Cheers Peter


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