Crosby, Stills & Nash Gateshead Sage October 15th 2013

Crosby, Stills & Nash Gateshead Sage October 15th 2013
csntix The past 10 years has seen several visits to the UK by Crosby and Nash, and CS&N, after many years of not visiting this country. This is the fourth time that I’ve seen C&N or CS&N in the last ten years, as well as solo shows by Stephen Stills and Neil Young. This year’s tour features Crosby, Stills and Nash who played to a packed Sage concert hall in Gateshead last night. Laura decided to join me this time. She’s not a fan, but is familiar with some of their songs, largely as a result of hearing me play them. The show was almost three hours, with an interval and featured all of the classic CS&N tracks, with some solo material and some new songs. The harmonies were, as always, still beautiful.
csnprog From the programme: “Welcome to our world of music. All our lives we’ve been focussed on touching your hearts and hopefully having you think abut the crazy world we still live in….whether it’s a love song or a subject of vital importance, it’s essential for us to communicate with you and make you a part of our lives. Hopefully our music will help you feel less lonely, less crazy and perhaps, inspire you to do something positive about your life and the lives of others. Time, family and friends are our only true currency and we have to recognise that all of us together, can make a difference and help make the world a better place for ourselves and our children. Rock on!” Still old hippies at heart, and still out there playing for us, and doing a pretty damn good job of it too.
The set list included (from memory; I have definitely missed some): Carry On/Questions; Marrakesh Express; Long Time Gone; Southern Cross; Lay Me Down; Bluebird; Love the One You’re With. Interval. Helplessly Hoping; Golden Days; Treetop Flyer; What Are Their Names; Guinnevere; Just a Song Before I Go; Burning for the Buddha; Our House; Teach Your Children; Almost Cut My Hair; Wooden Ships. Encore: Suite: Judy Blue Eyes.

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  1. I also saw them in October, at the Royal Albert Hall. Fantastic gig, very impressed that they can still pull it off. Was talking to a couple of old hippies who had seen them in Birmingham a few days before and they complained that Marrakesh Express wasn’t played that night, so they seem to be mixing the set up a bit. Stills played a new song which I can’t recall the name of. The opening to Nash’s Cathedral was played on the huge Albert Hall organ, which was very impressive.

    The night before I’d been to Maida Vale studios to see Crosby recording a programme for Radio 4, in front of a very small audience. That was an unbelievable privilege for a long time Croz fan like me! I don’t mention music much on my blog, but couldn’t resist using the experience in a post:


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