Lindisfarne MkII live 1973 – 1975

Lindisfarne MkII live 1973 – 1975
lindisfarnetix73 The original Lindisfarne split in early 1973 after a tour of Australia. However, this wasn’t the end and a new version of the band soon emerged, fronted by Alan Hull and Jacka, who were joined by Kenny Craddock (keyboards/ vocals), Charlie Harcourt (guitar/ keyboard), Tommy Duffy (bass/ vocals), and Paul Nichols (drums). Si Cowe, Rod Clements and Ray Laidlaw went off to form Jack The Lad, along with Billy Mitchell, who was to feature heavily in the Lindisfarne story in the future, on vocals. I saw this version of Lindisfarne (usually referred to as Lindisfarne MkII) quite a few times, including a Christmas gig at the City Hall in 1973, and a show (which turned out to be a farewell of sorts) in 1975, where they were supported by Hutch, a singer and guitarist from Yorkshire who had played with David Bowie in his early days. Lindisfarne continued to be a favourite at festivals; I remember seeing them during this period at Reading 1973, Buxton 1974, and supporting the Who at their 1974 Charlton gig. lindisfarnetix75 They continued to go down a storm, but things just didn’t seem quite the same. The new line-up released two albums; Roll On, Ruby (1973) and Happy Daze (1974), and their live set featured several of the new songs, but it was the old favourites that I, and everyone else in the audience, wanted to hear. The new band decided to call it a day in 1975, and the City Hall concert became a farewell to Newcastle. The Newcastle gig was planned to be the last, and the tour to end there, but a few additional gigs were added around the country to satisfy demand, I remember it as a good gig and quite an emotional event. At the time we all thought this was the very last time we would ever see the band, and the Newcastle crowd gave them a fitting farewell. Ray Laidlaw and Alan White of Yes joined the band on stage for the encore. I also saw Jack The Lad at Reading 1974.
Setlist from Charlton in 1974 was: Breakfast; Steppenwolf; Dealer’s Choice; North Country Boy; In Your Head; Tonight; Lady Eleanor; Taking Care of Business; No Need to Tell Me; Fog on the Tyne; Newcastle Brown Ale; Tow the Line; We Can Swing Together.

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