The Kinks Newcastle City Hall 1979 and 1981

The Kinks Newcastle City Hall 1979 and 1981
kinkstix79 The Kinks returned to a more familiar rock and pop format with the album Sleepwalker in 1977, ending their string of concept albums and accompanying tours. This album was followed Misfits (1978), Low Budget (1979) and Give the People What They Want (1981). One further Kinks hit single was yet to come in the form of Come Dancing, which reached No 12 in the charts in 1982. The line-up of the band also changed, with John Gosling and John Dalton leaving. The core of Ray and Dave Davies, and Mick Avory on drums continued; Jim Romford (from Argent) joined on bass, and he was to stay with the band for the remainder of their career. I saw The Kinks twice during that period, at gigs at Newcastle City Hall in 1979 and 1981. Both concerts were glorious affairs, with Ray, Dave and the guys returning to playing the hits. kinksprog1979 By the late 70s The Kinks were starting to get the respect they deserve, with new wave bands like The Jam covering David Watts, The Pretenders singing Stop Your Sobbing, and rock band Van Halen including You Really Got Me in their live set. But nothing beats seeing The Kinks themselves play You Really Got Me, Lola or Waterloo Sunset. The latter song has always been my favourite, but didn’t always figure in their live set, although I did see them play it a couple of times. kinkstix81 The Kinks continued to play until 1996. Their last years were spent largely in the USA, where they continued to have success. The 1981 gig was that last time I saw them, which is of some regret for me. I remember they played a concert at Middlesbrough Town Hall in the mid-80s, which I sadly missed. I would love Ray and Dave to make things up sufficiently to play together again. Seeing The Kinks just one more time would be wonderful. I’ve seen Ray solo many times in recent years, and I see Dave has been touring in the USA (how about some UK dates please Dave?), but nothing is like seeing the two brothers together, playing those classic tunes. Come on guys, one more time please.

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  1. Hi there Peter, I’ve been enjoying reading your entries from a long and varied life of gig going, I’ve been putting together my own time line recently from my old ticket stubs, and I see that the Kinks City Hall gig in 81 was only the second gig I ever attended, the first being the Jam in October 80, and that two nights after the Kinks I saw Springsteen! Putting it all together has been great actually, I was 14 the time of this gig and it feels amazing now to say I saw the Kinks, its one of many that feels really special now, only time I ever saw them as well, and I recall it being great, all the greatest hits and stuff of their – pretty good – contemporary albums, I think if memory serves they were touring the One for the Road live album and the set was pretty similar to that.


    • Posted by vintagerock on December 22, 2021 at 12:13 pm

      Hi Kevin

      Yes it’s great fun going through all your old tickets and memories. I really enjoyed putting together my blog. And I agree The Kinks were a classic, legendary band. I was lucky enough to see them quite a few times. Happy days Peter


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