Chase Park Festival Gateshead 10 August 2013

Laura Smith at the Chase Park Festival Gateshead 10 August 2013
photo-42 The idea behind the Chase Park Festival is “to be inclusive for everyone regardless of ability. Factors such as remote locations, high expense, access and poor facilities can often mean many mainstream outdoor music festivals can often exclude people with disabilities. Chase Park Festival also aims to helping break down cultural barriers and stereotypes often associated with people with disabilities by engaging with the whole community. The festival uses music as the foundation to get people from all walks of life together to enjoy a fun-packed carnival atmosphere.” photo-41 Chase Park is in the centre of Whickham, a village which lies to the west of Gateshead, not too far from the Metro Centre. This year’s festival featured headliners The Futureheads, Big Beat Bronson and a host of local bands, including our own Laura, who appeared during the afternoon. Laura had some technical issues with her loop pedal, which decided not to work properly on the day. However she was not to be defeated and performed a slightly curtailed set of her echo laiden compositions, her own ethereal vocals woven together to provide both the rich textual background and the main melody lines.

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