Howard Jones Newcastle City Hall March 1984

Howard Jones Newcastle City Hall 1984
howardjonestix Howard Jones first single “New Song” was released in September 1983 and rose to No 3 in the UK charts. His second single “What is Love?” was released a couple of months later and made No 2 in the charts. In March 1984, Howard Jones’ released his fist album “Human’s Lib”, which was a massive success in the UK, Japan and the USA. The album entered the UK album chart at the No. 1 spot, spending a total of 57 weeks in the chart, and reaching double platinum status. howardjonesprog So Howard Jones was pretty big news when he toured the UK in March 1984 in support of the “Human’s Lib” album. “New Song” and “What is Love” are joyful songs, and Howard in concert was an enjoyable electropop experience. I read a review of a concert on the tour which mentions a revolving stage; which I don’t recall. Support for the tour was Scottish band Endgames. Howard’s single “Like to Get to Know You Well” was also a big hit later in 1984. I saw Howard Jones live once more, at Live Aid at Wembley Stadium in 1985, where he played “Hide and Seek”. He is touring quite regularly again at the moment.

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