Jethro Tull Newcastle City Hall 1999

Jethro Tull Newcastle City Hall 1999
tulltixcityhall23nov It was another 9 years before I saw Jethro Tull again. By this time the line-up had changed a little (again) to: Ian Anderson (flute, vocals), Martin Barre (guitar), Andrew Giddings (keyboards), Jonathan Noyce (bass), and Doane Perry (drums). They had just released the album J-Tull Dot Com. The new material displayed Eastern and world music influences, but as usual the concert featured a mix of Tull material from throughout their career. tullprog1999 I’d lost touch with Jethro Tull up to this point, but this concert reminded me how great they were (and still are), and how much I had enjoyed their music. It was great to see Ian Anderson and Martin Barre in particular. Ian was ever the showman, although his voice was not as strong as it had been. Martin’s guitar playing and quiet presence were as excellent as always. And they played classics like Living in the Past, Witches Promise and Fat Man. Great stuff. I was hooked again, and started to attend Tull concerts more regularly from that point onward. Setlist: Steel Monkey; For a Thousand Mothers; Serenade to a Cuckoo; Spiral; Witches Promise; Nothing Is Easy; Jeffrey Goes to Leicester Square; Fat Man; AWOL; A New Day Yesterday; Nellie the Revenge; Dot Com; Boris Dancing; Hunting Girl; Hunt by Numbers; Flying Dutchman; My God (with flute solo); Passion Jig; Locomotive Breath; Aquadiddley; Aqualung; Living in the Past; Dogs in the Midwinter; The Dambusters March; Cheerio

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