Springsteen and I Boldon Cineworld 22 July 2013

Springsteen and I Boldon Cineworld 22 July 2013
springsteen-and-i-poster Springsteen is the latest act to grace the movie screen with a special one-night only screening. “Springsteen and I” is a documentary directed by Baillie Walsh and produced by Ridley Scott, which attempts to document the life and career of The Boos through the eyes of his fans throughout the world. The film was released last night, July 22 2013, and simultaneously broadcast to over 50 countries. Laura and I attended the screening at Cineworld Boldon. I am going to see Bruce at the newly built Leeds Arena tomorrow, so this was a good taster to get me in the mood. The film shows the humanity of the man, and how his music has touches so many people. But most of all, Bruce comes over as a really nice guy who cares about his fans and wants to spend time with some of them. There are some amusing, and some very touching, moments like the guy dressed as Elvis whose lifelong ambition was to sing with Bruce. So he turns up down the front and is invited on stage to sing “All Shook Up” with the Boss. And the who has just broken up with his girl, and turns up in the pit with a sign “My girlfriend just dumped me”. Bruce gets the guy up, hugs him and tells him that everything will be OK.  The film was followed by some live footage of Bruce live in Hyde Park last year.  Roll on Wednesday night. Hope he plays all of Born to Run.

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