Bula Quo! Durham Gala Cinema 5 July 2013

Bula Quo! Durham Gala Cinema 5 July 2013
bulaquo When I was a kid in the 60s I remember going to see Cliff in Summer Holiday, the Beatles in Help! and Dave Clark in Catch Us if You Can. They were all good clean fun, with great songs and some good humour from my pop group heroes. Then in the 70s I saw Woodstock, Slade in Flame, and Tommy. Again, all great in their own way. And last night I went to see Status Quo star in their movie, Bula Quo. Now I love Status Quo. I don’t care if people think they are naff, can only play three chords, etc. I know how awesome they were in the 70s, and how they can still rock today. But I have to say this film isn’t great (sorry Francis and Rick). Sure its a bit of fun, but with a bit more thought and some more good songs, it could have been a lot better. The plot goes something like this. Quo are playing a few gigs in Fiji. Francis and Rick slip away from the rest of the band and witness a russian roulette game, that turns into a murder. They film it, but the gangster behind it all is also one of the sponsors of their gig. bulaquotix1 They get chased around the island, along with some press people, their manager and an intern who is working with them called (of course) Caroline. It turns out the gangsters are also trading in human organs (?) and selling the left-overs in a restaurant (?!). Lots of chasing and stunts. The bad guys kidnap Caroline and our two heroes go to rescue her and end up playing russian roulette themselves. They escape of course. Oh and they play Living on as Island and a few other songs. I enjoyed it, along with the 5 (I kid you not :)) other people who were in the audience. But hey Cliff was much better in Summer Holiday. And there were more people there to see him too. How times changes. Roll on the Bula Quo tour, and the gig at Newcastle Arena in December. Hope I win the holiday in Fiji.

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