Portishead Glastonbury 2013

Portishead Glastonbury 2013
4710221 Aside from the Stones performance, the other highlight of Glastonbury 2013 for us was Portishead’s awesome performance on the Other Stage on Friday night. Competing for a crowd with the Artic Monkeys, Portishead succeeded in drawing a big crowd. Their performance was simply perfection in itself. The sound was crisp, clear and loud; the visuals were subtle and impressive, mixing 60s psych with visual reverb and subdued dark black and white images, and Beth’s singing was note perfect, moving, passionate and intense. Roads is my favourite track and last Friday their performance of the song was stunning. The set was a mix of favourites, just the right length, and as usual there was no encore. From the moment the large letter P appeared in the centre of the screen to the end of the last song We Carry On the crowd were just transfixed. This was the third time I have seen this band, and it was easily the best. A classic performance. Setlist: Silence; Mysterons; The Rip; Sour Times; Magic Doors; Wandering Star; Machine Gun; Over; Glory Box; Chase the Tear; Cowboys; Threads; Roads; We Carry On.

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