The Who Quadrophenia and More Newcastle Arena 20 June 2013

The Who play Quadrophenia and More Newcastle Arena 20 June 2013
Support from Vintage Trouble
whotix This is the fourth time I’ve seen The Who perform Quadrophenia, including the original 1973, in Hyde Park with a cast of thousands in the 90s, and at the Albert Hall three years ago. I was never a massive fan of the album, but I’ve grown to like and respect it as a piece of work over the years. This time I’d been lucky enough to score a front row seat, towards the left side of the stage in front of Simon Townshend. Pete and Roger were towards the opposite end of the stage, but overall my view of the proceedings was great. The Who came on stage promptly at the advertised start time of 8.30pm and ran through the entire album. The arena was packed; it was pleasing to see the respect The Who carry, and that they can still draw big crowds, probably more so than last time they played Newcastle Arena.
The Who band line-up (Roger, Pete, Pino on bass, Simon on second guitar) is augmented by drums, keyboards, a string section, and a brass section for this tour. The production has changed since I last saw the show at the Albert Hall. Rather than showing the story of Jimmy and using clips from the Quadropehnia film, the screens above the stage displayed images of the band, including some great shots of Kieth Moon and John Entwistle. quad So we had a tremendous bass solo by John during 5.15, and Keith sang his own parts during Bell Boy. These segments were handled very well, and drew loud cheers from the crowd and a bow and a wink from Roger to his old mates. Quadrophenia was followed by a few Who “hits”, it was great to see the guys play Pinball Wizard and Won’t Get Fooled Again. This was a classic Who performance. Townshend was on fire, and in a pretty good mood (but no guitar smashing, which was a shame as I was hoping to catch it from my vantage point in the front ronw 🙂 ) and Roger’s voice was strong and solid, showing no signs of cracking as it sometimes has in recent years. The old guys are still the best for me.
Set list: I Am the Sea; The Real Me; Quadrophenia; Cut My Hair; The Punk and the Godfather; I’m One; The Dirty Jobs; Helpless Dancer; Is It in My Head?; I’ve Had Enough; 5:15; Sea and Sand; Drowned; Bell Boy; Doctor Jimmy; The Rock; Love, Reign O’er Me. Who Are You?; You Better You Bet; Pinball Wizard; Baba O’Riley; Won’t Get Fooled Again; Tea & Theatre.

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  1. Posted by Manja Dolan on June 21, 2013 at 8:24 am

    Thank you for the great report. In 1996 P.J. Proby played the Godfather in Quadrophenia. Could you tell me who sings his parts now? Thank you in Advance, Manja


    • Posted by vintagerock on June 21, 2013 at 8:53 am

      Hi Manja All the vocals were handled by Roger, Pete and Simon Townshend. Not sure who sang the godfather lyrics.


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