Judas Priest mid 70s – 1978

Judas Priest mid 70s – 1978
priestfeb78 Judas Priest toured a lot in the early days of their career, and played several times as Sunderland Locarno and Newcastle Mayfair. I saw some of those gigs and remember them as a pretty solid rock band. I think I saw them supporting Budgie once. This was the classic line-up of Rob Halford – vocals; K. K. Downing – guitar; Glenn Tipton – guitar; Ian Hill – bass guitar; the drummer changed a few times. Over the years you could see how these guys were developing as performers and song writers. Metal classics like The Ripper, Victim of Changes, and Sinner started to appear in the set. Rob Halford got crazier each time I saw them, and K K Downing and Glen Tipton started to perfect their guitar duels. I must mention Glen Tipton and his previous band, the Flying Hat Band. I saw that group on two occasions at Sunderland Locarno and they were simply stunning; one of the best live acts I ever saw. Tipton’s guitar playing was unbelievable; I remember standing at the front watching their entire set and being just blown away. priest78 By the time I saw Priest at Newcastle City Hall in February 1978, they were the quintessential pure metal band they we have all grown to love. Lots of leather and Rob was so over the top, whipping the audience, throwing bottles of beer into the crowd. I remember one night the crowd caught hold of his whip and pulled him off stage by it. I saw quite a few times over the next few years, mostly at the City Hall, and also at the Mayfair. I’ll spend a few days reflecting on the Priest. I found a track listing from a live recording of the Feb 1978 City Hall show which shows the set as: Exciter; White Heat, Red Hot; The Ripper; Savage; Sinner; Beyond The Realms Of Death; Victim Of Changes; Better By You, Better Than Me; Diamonds And Rust; Starbreaker; Tyrant

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  1. Posted by Mitch on June 12, 2013 at 5:30 pm

    Priest supported Budgie twice in less in than four months at Newcastle City Hall – 19/1/74 and 12/5/74.
    The first gig was as a four piece as Tipton didn’t join the band until early May 74.
    Their debut album wasn’t released until September 74 so the set list at both gigs consisted of all unreleased songs.
    Jan 74 set started with Whisky Woman (a very early version of Victim of Changes), then Run of the Mill, Winter, Dying To Meet You, Caviar and Meths. Encore: One For The Road.
    May 74 set was – Never Satisfied, Run of the Mill, Dying To Meet You, Winter, The Cheater. Encore: One For The Road.
    I recall that Downing performed a screaming guitar solo during ‘Winter’. The solo would finish with KK throwing his guitar skywards and catching it again – great to watch.


  2. which group was supporting Judas Priest on the 2nd febuary 1978 show in Newcastle ??? some infos mentionned UFO !! is it right ????


    • Posted by vintagerock on April 5, 2014 at 8:22 pm

      Hi Not sure, but my first thought is that doesn’t sound likely to me as UFO were already becoming successful themselves by 1978. I’ll try and check it out and get back to you Cheers Peter


    • Posted by vintagerock on April 6, 2014 at 8:19 am

      Hi fraid I’ve drawn a blank as to who was support for Judas Priest on the 2nd febuary 1978 show in Newcastle. I don’t think it was UFO however. Best wishes Peter


  3. Posted by Roy Evans on April 2, 2015 at 3:28 pm

    Support on the February 78 tour was English Assassin – I remember they were quite good. Here’s an interview with their singer Nigel Benjamin http://www.fullinbloom.com/mott_nigelbenjamin_londonsixx.html


  4. Posted by Simon Ratcliff on April 5, 2020 at 6:02 pm

    That night Rob was pulled off the stage was at Wolverhampton Civic Hall. Bass player fell off the back of the drum stage during finale of last song before the encore and then someone tripped over running back on stage for the encore. Brilliant night!


  5. I saw Judas Priest supporting Budgie too – in Scarborough, at the Floral Hall.

    And, if you fancy a laugh, look at how they were billed for their September 1974 gig at the Scarborough Penthouse!


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