The Hollies Sunderland Empire 2001

The Hollies Sunderland Empire 2001
holliescarl2001The Hollies decided to continue when Allan Clarke retired, and the replacement was announced as being Carl Wayne, the 60s pop star who had been front man in the Move, and had also been an actor in the midlands soap Crossroads. I wasn’t sure how well this would wrk at first, but had to go along to see the band and find out how Carl shaped up. The first chance we got to see the Hollies with Carl was when they visited the Sunderland Empire theatre in 2001. I went along with Marie, and as soon as Carl took to the stage with the Hollies it was clear that he was an excellent choice as lead vocalist and front man. He was an experienced professional and had the stage presence and professionalism to take on the role. His singing was also excellent and suited the Hollies songs. The set consisted of the usual hits, along with favourites Soldier Song, Butterfly, The Baby, and Too Young to be Married. Covers included Blowing in the Wind from the Hollies sing Dylan album which brought back memories of seeing the band play that track during a Hollies TV special in the 60s, Peggy Sue Got Married from their Buddy Holly album which featured the band singing and playing along with the voice of Buddy Holly, and Blackbird by the Beatles. holliesprogcarl1 The arrival of Carl Wayne in the band also allowed the band to extend their set further, including a couple of Move tracks Flowers in the Rain, and my favourite Blackberry Way. They went a step further (and possibly a step to far :)) and included Tiger Feet from bass player Ray Stiles’ old band Mud. A great show, the Hollies proving that they were very much still a great live active, and Carl Wayne acquitting himself well. Setlist: I’m Alive; Here I Go Again; Jennifer Eccles; Just One Look; On a Carousel; Soldier Song; Bus Stop; Flowers in The Rain; Butterfly; I Can’t Let Go; The Baby; Blowing In The Wind. Interval. Stay; Sorry Suzanne; Yes I Will; Look Through Any Window; Peggy Sue Got Married; Blackbird; We’re Through; Too Young to be Married; Carrie Anne; Stop Stop Stop; The Air That I Breathe; Blackberry Way; Tiger Feet; Long Cool Woman In a Black Dress. Encore: He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother; It’s In Every One Of Us. The last encore was It’s In Everyone Of Us, a David Pomeranz song which featured in the Dave Clark musical Time, and was recorded by the Hollies on their album 5317704 (hOLLIES upside down in digital number view). Ray, Carl and Tony performed the song a cappella with Bobby standing behind looking on, which was a great end to the set. The band have continued to end their set in a similar way with an a cappella version of the song Let Love Pass. “It’s in everyone of us, To be wise, Find your heart, Open up both your eyes, We can all know everything, Without ever knowing why, It’s in everyone of us, By and by and…”

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