Steve Harley Redcar Bowl 1980 and Sunderland Empire 1989

Steve Harley Redcar 1980
steveredcar1980 Although it was only four years since I had last seen Steve Harley, this gig had the feel of a comeback. Steve had played few concerts during that four year period between 1976 and 1980, and this was his first tour with a band, using the Cockney Rebel name since 1977. He had also released a few solo albums during that period, but they had not been particularly successful. Redcar Coatham Bowl was a great, intimate venue, and it was good to see Steve in a close-up situation. The crowd gave Steve a great reception, and he played all the favourite. Steve was back!! I saw Steve again some 9 years later at Sunderland Empire. stevesunderlandempirejune9th To be honest I remember less about this gig; in fact I don’t recall being there at all, but I have a ticket stub, so I must have been! I found a setlist from the London show of the 1989 tour: The Best Years of Our Lives; Mr. Soft; Irresistible; Mr. Raffles; Freedom’s Prisoner; Judy Teen; Riding the Waves (For Virginia Woolf); Dino (Star For A Week); Why Does My Light Always Shine; Sebastian; Sophistication; Tumbling Down; Sweet Dreams / Psychomodo; Sling It; Here Comes the Sun. Encore: Dancing On The Telephone; Make Me Smile (Come Up and See Me); (I Believe) Love’s a Prima Donna. As you can see, Steve was playing all the hits and live favourites, but that setlist also includes quite a few songs which I don’t recognise, which must be album tracks from Cockney Rebel and Steve’s solo albums. It was to be another 10 years until I saw Steve in concert again.

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