Gary Glitter in concert

Gary Glitter in concert
gg74 I wondered whether to include disgraced star Gary Glitter in my bloggings at all, but in the end decided I should do so. I am treating this as a historical record of my concert goings, and given that I have seen Gary Glitter in concert on a few occassions, I felt I should comment on that here. The first time I attended a Gary Glitter concert was 1974 and he was high in the charts somewhere between the singles “I Love You Love Me Love” and “Remember Me This Way”. ggprog1 At this point he was very much a teen glam star and Newcastle City Hall was packed. By the end of the 70s Gary Glitter had hit hard times. The hits had dried up, but he was still out their gigging in small clubs. A group of us went to see him during this period at Middlesbrough Rock Garden. The small venue was filled with skinheads and punks who gave him a great reception. ggtix85 By the mid 80s he was enjoying a comeback of sorts, and was again filling Newcastle City Hall. ggprog2 The last time I attended a Gary Glitter concert was at a large sports hall in Durham. By this point he was touring every Christmas with the Gary Glitter Christmas Show or “Glitter at Christmas”, which had become a seasonal favourite with people of all ages. He was filling large halls and even arenas at this time. ggtix3 I also saw Gary Glitter play the part of The Rock in The Who’s performance of Quadrophenia at Hyde Park in 1996, as support act for Wham! at their farewell concert The Final in Wembley Stadium in 1986, and supporting Rod Stewart at Ibrox Stadium in Glasgow in 1983.

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