Gordon Giltrap Newcastle City Hall November 1978

Gordon Giltrap Newcastle City Hall November 1978
gordonnov78 Gordon Giltrap was back at the City Hall in November 1978, 8 months after his previous appearance. I enjoyed the March gig so much that I went along to see him again. By now he had released Fear of the Dark, which completed the trilogy of albums he had started with the “Visionary” album. From Gordon’s website: “Following on from the success of the chart single and album Perilous Journey, Gordon set out on a major tour with a full band to promote Fear Of The Dark. Fear of the Dark was the first of Giltrap’s hit albums, and it is easy to see why: layered guitars, keyboards and a string section to give it a lush sound. giltrapprog78 For an ex-folkie it is surprising that these albums didn’t draw on traditional music, like Oldfield did, but went for something a lot grander. The extra tracks on this album include a pretty fine version of Peter Green’s Oh Well, and the single version of Fear of the Dark.” I haven’t seen Gordon in concert since these gigs in 1978. He is still playing and touring, and is another artist to add to my list of people I need to see again. My memories of the gigs are of joyous symphonic prog rock, with amazing guitar from Gordon and a lot of keyboards. Most of the songs were instrumentals, which I would usually find boring, but the quality of the music was such that I stayed interested and entertained throughout.

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  1. Ah, Gordon Giltrap …. this was a special gig for me as my then-girlfriend (now married for nearly 35 years) had agreed to marry me just before we went to see him. Although I was a dedicated prog / heavy rock nutter, there was something about GG’s music that really appealed. It was a great night, especially as he had a full electric band with him. GG was on form that night and his guitar playing was exemplary. I next saw GG a few weeks after moving to Kendal in 1988 – he was in concert with Rick Sanders (ex-Fairport Convention violinist) at the intimate setting of Kendal Brewery Arts Centre, which, although very different in setting and presentation to the gig at the City Hall, was equally as enjoyable. Recently (ie. last year and this year), I saw GG playing solo performances at a tiny provincial theatre near me and I was lucky enough to meet him afterwards both times – he’s a real self-effacing gentleman and extremely funny raconteur. I love his latest album with Oliver Wakeman, it’s a shame that the only gig on last year’s tour with him that got cancelled through bad weather was the one that I was going to at Penrith. Here’s to the next one.


    • Posted by vintagerock on December 30, 2014 at 11:35 am

      Hi John Great story Many thanks. I haven’t seen Gordon Giltrap since those days. I’ve noticed that he has played in Cumbria once or twice recently. I must try and get to see him next time he comes to the north. Cheers Peter


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