Fairport Convention over the years

fairport I recognise the importance of Fairport Convention in the history of rock and pop music, and particularly folk-rock; however I have never been a massive fan of the band. I’ve seen them a few times in concert over the years, probably half a dozen or so in total. I used to play Meet on the Ledge a lot when I was younger; it featured on the lp You Can All Join In, which was a popular low price sampler album of the early 70s. Everyone at school had the album and Meet on the Ledge was a favourite track. I also had a Polydor 3 lp box set, which I think was called Pop Party, and had a couple of very early Fairport tracks on it, including If I Had a Ribbon Bow, which I thought was great fun. fairportprog I also love Where Does The Time Go. Some of their other material is just a little too traditional folk for me. Having said that I’ve been to see them a few times recently and always enjoy their shows. I first saw Fairport in the early 70s at a gig at Sunderland Locarno (or it could have Sunderland Top Rank; or possibly at both…..). I remember thinking that they were suprisingly loud for a folk-rock band. I then saw them as support act for Zeppelin at Knebworth. I also saw a few Fairport related acts during the 70s: Sandy Denny solo, Richard and Linda Thompson and Dave Swarbrick solo. The ticket here is for a Fairport Acoustic gig which David and I saw at Alnwick Playhouse five years or so ago. We both enjoyed the gig, which was in quite initimate surroundings. The programme shown here is from a gig in the early 90s, which I don’t recollect attending to be honest. I think I may have bought this programme at a car boot fair some years ago! The last couple of times I have seen Fairport Convention has been at The Sage, Gateshead; I blogged on those gigs when I attended then. My admiration for, and interest in, the band continues to grow over the years. Long may they continue.

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