The Monkees Newcastle City Hall May 15th 2011

The Monkees Newcastle City Hall May 15th 2011
Hey Hey We’re the Monkees! Our heroes were back at Newcastle City Hall last night. This was their first UK tour for 16 years, and it was great to see them again. This time around we had Davy, Peter and Mickey, but no Mike. They took us through a set which covered all aspects of their career, in front of a screen showing clips from their TV show. Each song was accompanied by the relevant video from the show. The Monkees were always a mix of pop, country, vaudeville, stage school and dance. Last night was no different with all three of the guys on great form, backed by a 9 piece band. They started the second half with selections from their hippy trippy psychedelic film Head, which was quite a brave choice, but worked very well. A great night, lots of fun. It was disappointing that the hall wasn’t full, but everyone there enjoyed themselves. It must have been wonderful to be a Monkee in the 60s (I wanted to be Davy).
Set list something like :
Set 1: I’m a Believer; Mary, Mary; The Girl I Knew Somewhere; She Hangs Out; Alternate Title; Your Auntie Grizelda; It’s Nice to Be With You; I Don’t Think You Know Me At All; Look Out (Here Comes Tomorrow); Words; Cuddly Toy; Papa Gene’s Blues; Listen to the Band; That Was Then, This is Now; All of Your Toys; Hard To Believe; What Am I Doin’ Hangin’ Round?; Sometime in the Morning; Valleri; No Time
Set 2: Circle Sky; Can You Dig It?; As We Go Along; Do I Have to do this All Over Again?; Porpoise Song; Daddy’s Song; For Pete’s Sake; When Love Comes Knocking At Your Door; She; A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You; Shades of Gray; Last Train to Clarksville; Goin’ Down; I Wanna be Free; Saturday’s Child; Someday Man; I’m Not Your (Steppin’ Stone); Daydream Believer
Encores: Pleasant Valley Sunday; I’m a Believer

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