Shift-Static Head of Steam Newcastle 5 November 2009

Shift-Static Head of Steam Newcastle 5 November 2009

Shift-Static are a new band from Newcastle. All of the band members are students at Newcastle University, all coming from different musical backgrounds and with different musical tastes, who have come together to give us some wonderful music. Although the band have been together for some time, and have caused quite a stir with their recent demo which was rated demo of the month by Narc magazine, this was their first performance.
The Head of Steam was pretty packed for their debut gig, with Shift-Static taking the stage second, sandwiched between local bands The Cut and Sword Attack. Most of the crowd had clearly come along to see Shift-Static, many of them being friends of the band. They took the stage to a great cheer from the crowd and launched into their five song set. Shift-Static music is difficult to categorise; they blend some very complex sounds with strong guitar and basslines. Laura’s lovely vocals weave in and out of the sound textures, almost like another instrument. Its sort of Portishead meets New Order meets Enya but its not really like any of those. For a first gig its pretty wonderful, in fact its pretty wonderful for any gig. The crowd love it; give them a great reception; their short set is over all too soon.
Shift-Static are back at the Head of Steam next Wednesday 11 November supporting Foot Village; if you can make it go along and see them.

Setlist (may not be in the correct order) : Green Knees; Haystacks; Fathers Footsteps Part 1 & 2; Give you all.

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Shift-Static Debut at The Head of Steam


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