Steely Dan Edinburgh Playhouse June 28 2009

Steely Dan Edinburgh Playhouse June 28 2009

Steely Dan are a band that I have always fancied seeing. My friend Norm saw them at the Liverpool Pops last time they came to the UK a couple of years ago and told me how good they were.  So Norm and I decided to catch them at Edinburgh Playhouse this time around.

Drove up to Edinburgh on a hot Sunday afternoon and arrived in time for a snack before the show. We watched some of the support act who were a jazz quartet; OK; but straight jazz is not my cup of tea. Steely Dan started with the band playing an intro before Becker and Fagan took the stage to a great reception. They seemed in a good mood, quite a bit chattting to the crowd. The playing was excellent; the music that sort of lounge jazz / rock that they are so well known for. I enjoyed the show, but must admit I was quite disappointed at the lack of well known songs in the set.  In particular I wanted to hear Reelin in the Years and Do It Again (both of which they have been playing on some nights of this tour) and Ricky don’t lose that number (which I don’t think they have played for some time).  Also we only got one song for an encore; on other nights they seem to have been playing two. So although it was in itself a good show I did feel quite short changed (particularly at £55 a ticket for seats near the back). The crowd shouted for more and it looked like people weren’t going to leave; the lights came up and reluclantly we all went out into a warm scottish night (and a long drive home).


Intro – Jeri
Time Out Of Mind
Show Biz Kids
I Got The News
My Old School
Bad Sneakers
Hey Nineteen
Parkers Band
Babylon Sisters
Daddy Don’t Live In That New York City No More
Black Cow
Green Earrings
Love Is Like etc

Encore – Kid Charlemagne
Outro – Last Tango In Paris



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