Uriah Heep Holmfirth Picturedrome Nov 21 2008

Uriah Heep Holmfirth Picturedrome November 21 2008

Friday; finish work early; call for my friend Norm and go to see Uriah Heep! What a great start to the weekend. I’d got a couple to tickets cheap on ebay and was really looking forward to seeing Heep again. Uriah Heep were one of the bands that I followed from the early 70s to early 80s and then lost touch with. I went to see them in Carlisle a few years ago and realised that were still on great form. Norm hadn’t seen them since the 70s and had memories of the crush at the front of the City Hall when they played Gypsy and a Rock n Roll medley.

The roads were busy for the drive to Holmfirth but luckily the threatened snow didn’t arrive. We got down there for about 8pm, had some chips from the fish shop and a drink in a pub over the road, and then went into the venue. The Picturedrome was pretty packed, much more full than for Curved Air a couple of weeks ago. We caught the end of the support act Maccara who were OK and then took our places near the front for Heep to arrive.

Around 9pm and Uriah Heep take the stage and go straight into Wake the Sleeper the title track from the new album. The sound is clear and loud (but not deafening; which is a pity; the crush at the City Hall was always accompanied by ringing ears for a few days). The set consists of the entire new album plus old favourites Sunrise, Stealin’, July Morning; Look at Yourself; Gypsy and Easy Livin’. The crowd sing along to just about every song including the new ones. The encore is Lady in Black which seems to be a big favourite now, although I can’t remember it being played much in the 70s ; there again I could be wrong. Uriah Heep are one of the few bands from the 60s and 70s who are still out there and playing as well as ever, if not better in some ways. Great to see them again.

Wake The Sleeper
Tears Of The World
Heaven’s Rain
Book Of Lies
Light Of A Thousand Stars
Look At Yourself
What Kind Of God
Ghost Of The Ocean
War Child
Angels Walk With You
July Morning
Easy Livin’
Lady In Black





Website: http://www.uriah-heep.com/newa/index.php

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