Kasabian Newcastle Academy Aug 28 2008

Kasabian Newcastle Academy August 28 2008

Arrived at the Carling Academy at around 8pm. Lots of people outside wanting tickets; heard a tout selling one for £60.  Get inside and join a very packed and hot crowd; not too good for Laura in the crush; we buy a t-shirt and then try and figure a way to get upstairs where we will have a better and safer view. The guys who guard the doors don’t listen to our pleas that it will be safer for Laura upstairs but we manage to swap tickets with a couple of guys who are trying to blag their way into the downstairs area.

Make our way upstairs and take a couple of seats in the middle of the balcony. There are quite a few empty seats; some people must have sneaked their way into the downstairs area. Don’t have long to wait for Kasabian to take the stage to a mighty roar from the crowd, who go crazy from the word go. Everyone sings along to Shoot the Runner; beer flying around; looks pretty crushed downstairs. The singer is the spitting image of Phil May from the Pretty Things in the early 70s with his long dark hair and shades. Lots of influences here; I can hear T Rex, Mott the Hoople, the Stone Roses, Oasis, the Who. Atmosphere (and volume; which is mega-loud) reminds me of seeing Slade in the early 70s. Can’t me many better bands than this; set is only about an hour and then some encores. I haven’t seen a better crowd reaction for a long time.  Out into the street after the show and into the welcome cool air; everyone still singing along to LSF. Awesome.

This was the second time we had seen Kasabian. The first encounter was at Newcastle Arena a couple of years earlier (see ticket below). On that occasion we went along primarily to see the Fratellis who were the support act, and an obsession at the time. We were both suffering from flu, so to our shame left during Kasabian’s set.


Set list:

Shoot The Runner
Sunrise Like Flies
Cutt Off
Processed Beats
By My Side
Reason Is Treason
Me Plus One
Butcher Blues
Last Trip
The Doberman
Fast Fuse

Club Foot

website: http://www.kasabian.co.uk/home/

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